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You're thinking of the 10 Commandments from The Bible. The US Constitution doesn't say anything about killing people, although federal and state laws do.

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Q: Which US Constitution amendment says you cannot kill people?
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Will the 2nd amendment kill us all?

No. Amendments to the Constitution do not kill people. People with guns kill people.

Is it legal to give a speech saying go kill your parents and why or why not?

It is legal in the US because of the first amendment to the constitution, however it is most likely frowned upon by most people.

In what sense is the 2nd amendment misunderstood?

The 2nd amendment gives people the right to keep and bear arms. It is misunderstood because many people feel that gins kill people when in fact, it is people that kill people. This amendment was created to give citizens a sense of security to protect themselves and their families.

What are the presidential powers in the constitution?

He cant kill people

When was the last amendment made to the consititution?

It allowed people to kill each other

Why is the Indian constitution acceptable to the Indian people today?

to kill corruption from India.

What music is most likely to kill people?

Music alone cannot kill anybody.

Why are weapons used?

Because they have helped people fight for what they believe

Can you kill people in Poptropica?

No. You cannot. It is against the poptropica rules.

Can you kill people on Club Penguin?

No you cannot kill people on Club Penguin because it is a safe game to meet new friends.

On Animal Crossing can you kill people with a gun?

no you cannot kill people with a gun... (i don't even think you can even get a gun on acww.

Why is the US government prohibited from infringing the right to keep and bear arms?

Because that right is enshrined in the US constitution.The Second Amendment (Amendment II) to the United States Constitution protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms.Therefore changing this significantly may require a change to the US constitution.