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A president.

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Q: Which US President liked cupcakes
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What were Jackie Robinsons favorite quotations?

he liked cupcakes

Which us president liked cucumbers soaked in vinegar for breakfast?

Ulysses Grant

What did the discovery of the Tomb of the First Emperor tell us about China during the Qin?

They liked Cupcakes more than Cookie Dough Icecream :) Hope I helped :D

What president played the bassoon in 1998?

Clinton was the US president in 1998 and liked to play the saxophone-- maybe that is what are thinking about.

What US president liked to barbecue steaks on the roof of the White House?

Lydon B Johnson

Where in the states is the US President's summer home?

The President has an retreat at Camp David in Maryland. The president does not have any official summer home. Many presidents liked to return to their homes states for vacations. The rich ones often had family vacations they liked to go to.

A favorite crib toy named after the US president who liked big-game hunting?

Teddy Bear

Explain why the American public liked President Kennedy?

Explain why the American public liked President Kennedy.

In history which US president liked Fresca soda so much he had a tap installed in the White House?


Which president liked to juggle?


Which US president liked jelly beans so much that he served 2 tons of them at his inauguration party?

Which united liked jelly beans so much he served two tons at his lnauguration party

What is the most liked pet in the US?

Dogs are the most liked pet in the us