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Bill Clinton in '94. It was modeled after City Year (founded in Boston in '88)

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Q: Which US President started Americorps
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When was AmeriCorps created?

AmeriCorps was created in 1993.

Is vista part of AmeriCorps?

AmeriCorps Vista is a part of the AmeriCorp volunteer program.

How many people are in AmeriCorps?

As of 2021, AmeriCorps has roughly 270,000 participants annually. This number includes AmeriCorps State and National, VISTA, NCCC, and Senior Corps programs.

What are the requirements for joining Americorps?

To qualify to join Americorps, you must be a US Citizen, US national, or permanent resident. You must also be team oriented, and be willing to take on challenges. It is also preferred, but not required, that one has a college degree or at least 3 years of work experience.

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