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Q: Which US president was called Dutch by his friends?
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What US president was nicknamed Dutch?

Ronald Reagan was nicknamed "Dutch".

Was former president of the US Martin van Buren Dutch?

He was of Dutch ancestry and grew up in a Dutch speaking home.

What US president was nicknamed Dutch by his father?

Ronald Reagan

What US president could speak Dutch?

Martin van Buren

What president's nickname is Dutch?

Ronald Reagan was known as "Dutch" until he got into the movies. His father gave him that name while he was still a baby.

Did Franklin Delano Roosevelt speak Dutch?

No, as of 2018, the only US President who spoke Dutch was Martin Van Buren.

Why did the dutch come to the US?

The Dutch meant to go to India, they ended up in the US and called its inhabitants "Indians" for that reason.

Where were 3 US President of Dutch ancestry?

van buren, T roosvelt and F roosvelt

What US presidents are not WASP other than JFK and Obama?

President Van Buren was of Dutch descent.

What US President spoke Dutch?

Ronald Reagan had that nickname. Interestingly, in the 1930s, he was a radio announcer, and used the air-name "Dutch Reagan."

What is the president of the US often called?

He is either called be his name like President Obama or Mr.President.

Why do they call us Dutch swamp krauts?

In America, Dutch are sometimes wrongly thought of as Deutsch. Deutsch are insultingly called krauts because they like kohl, which is called sauerkraut in English.