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Q: Which US state has a yellow hibiscus as its state flower?
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Where can you find a hibiscus flower in the US?


What do you think was the state flower in the US?

The state flower of the US was the rose

What US State has the Camellia as its State flower?

In the United States, the US State of Alabama, the State flower is the Camellia.

What is the state flower of the largest state?

Forget me not is the state flower of Alaska, the largest state in the US.

What are the uses of hibiscus flower?

Like all the flowers hibiscus also enhance the beauty of the garden. But only some flowers are helpful in good health. Among such flowers hibiscus is the one. Hibiscus helps in many ways to be healthy. It stays us fit. It has the capability to control cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes. It helps you not only to be healthy but also to be beautiful. It makes your skin smooth and it can make your hair to grow more and reduce hair fall. Not only this, it has a numerous benefits. If you want to know all the uses of hibiscus flower, clheck the link below.

When does an hibiscus flower?

Hibiscus might start showing growth in the spring as late as June in the more northern states of the US. They often begin showing spring growth at the end of February in southern states like Florida.

How do humans use the for get you not?

The forget me not is a flower that is blue flower with a small yellow center. It is the common name of the flower and as it name states is given to remind us of something thing or someone.

What does a yellow elder flower mean?

The Yellow Elder is the national flower of the Bahamas and the US Virgin Islands. It blooms from October to December on trees that may grow up to twent feet in height. They are clusters of brilliant yellow bell-shaped blossoms.

Which state in the US has Borah Peak as its highest point and the Syringa as its state flower?


Which state in the US has Spruce knob as its highest point and the Rhododendron as its state flower?

West Virginia

What state has Jasmine as the state flower?

That would be South Carolina in the US, and West Bengal in India.

A state in central US nicknamed the sun flower state?

The answer is KANSAS, it is in central USA and is nicknamed as Sunflower State.