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Q: Which amendment changed the date that Congress begins meeting?
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When do the congress meeting begins?

Third of January

What are the rules that affect the president's salary?

The President's salary is set by Congress before his term begins. it can not be changed during his term.

How does the 20th amendment affect your everyday lives?

Promotes productivity in Washington after an election. The amendment removed the long period of time a defeated president or member of Congress would remain in office before his successor begins.

What adjective modifies the underlined word in this sentence Our company's national sales meeting begins next week.?

Our company's national sales meeting begins next week.

What current session of congress is it?

On January 3, 2013, the 112th Congress ends and the 113th Congress begins.

Which group begins impeachment proceedings?


What day must Congress meet each year?

The Constitution originally specified the first Monday in December as the date for the minimum one meeting of Congress, but deferred to the right of Congress to alter this date, which was done.A new Congress begins at noon on January 3 each year, and according to the 20th Amendment, they are required to meet on that date unless they otherwise assign a date. In years following a congressional election (every other year), Congress will meet January 3 to induct new Congressmen and Senators, if any. In years following a Presidential election, a joint session of Congress convenes to receive the votes of the Electoral College. If the count hasn't been completed before January 20, either the Vice President-elect (his count completed) or the sitting Speaker of the House would become President, until the count has been completed or until the House otherwise selects a President.Otherwise, Congressional sessions are defined by the requirements of the Congress and may take place on any schedule they devise.

What in the constitution begins with the letter A?

· allegiance · amendment · army · article · assembly

Begins with m and ends with ing?

The word is "meeting."

What does the statement one man's liberty ends where another man's liberty begins mean?

The quote "One man's liberty ends where another man's begins." has a very important meaning. The quote means that a person can do anything they wish to do until it interferes with another person's liberties. This statement is put into affect in the first amendment of the Constitution. In the first amendment all of the tasks Congress may not do are stated. An example of what Congress can not do is create a law that forbids a person to practice a religion. They are not allowed to do this because it is against a person's liberty for them not to have religious freedom in the United States.

When does the first session of congress begin?

Sessions in Congress begin in different times. In order for congress to have a session, they must have something to talk about, therefore congress meets when there is something to talk about. Even though there may be something to talk about, they will not always meet, they wait for a little bit and then they meet; part of protocol. Similar to the great American Frontier, Congress is quite the same.

How many Congresses have there been?

Every two years a new Congress begins in the U.S. federal legislature. The 1st Congress was scheduled to begin on March 4, 1789, so the Congress that begins on January 3, 2015 is the 114th Congress.