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Twelfth amendment

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12th amendment

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Q: Which amendment keeps us from having a President from one party and a Vice President from another party?
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Who presides over the Senate in the absence of the Vice-President?

The President pro tempore is the second highest ranking official of the United States Senate . He is a senator who is elected to his position by the Senate.In actual practice it is not unusual for the vice-president and pro temp to both be absent. In that case another senator or, I think, one of the staff serves as time-keeper and keeps track of who has the floor.

How do you stop an executive order?

Congress can override an executive order by the President if they have a 2/3 majority vote. They can also pass legislation that won't allow funding for whatever the President wants to do. This keeps our government from becoming a dictatorship.

What is the president's airplane called?

The plane that carries the President of the United States of America is always called Air Force One. ANY plane he transfers to adopts the name while the President is on board, while all other planes he had been on revert to their standard 'name' (such as a '747').

What are the checks and balances for each branch of the US government?

check and balance is when overlapping powers give each branch powers in the other two. For example, the President has power to veto Congress's legislation as well as Congress having the power to override the President's veto. it also work with the branches of govenrment to work together

How does the Madisonian model of government reflect the structure of American government?

The Madisonian Model distributes the powers of federal government. This keeps more major factions from having to much control or influence over the government

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What amendment keeps uf from having a president from one party and a vicw president from another party?

There is no amendment that states that, it is simply the way things are done. It is more of a political norm than anything. There is no law banning it.

What amendment keeps bear arms?

The Second.

What is amendment 2 primary purpose?

The Right to keeps and bear arms

What keeps the United States government from gaining to much power?

The 2nd Amendment

How does the amendment process keep the constitution flexible?

It keeps it flexible and living by all the voting.

Do we still need the 11th Amendment?

Yes, the 11th Amendment to the United States Constitution is still relevant. It restricts the ability of individuals to sue states in federal court, preserving states' sovereign immunity. This amendment continues to play a significant role in defining the relationship between the federal government and state governments.

What keeps you from having bad dreams?

No its just a myth :)

What is the point of chickens having skin?

Keeps their insides in.

What keeps government from interfering in religion?

The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution prevents the government from interfering in religion. It also gives people the freedom to practice whatever religion they choose.

When a president keeps a bill and does not sign this means what?

If a president hasn't touched a bill for 10 days then a Pocket Veto is Issued

Having food in your stomach keeps alcohol from being absorbed?


What was the primary purpose of amendment 2?

Offer a means for American citizens to change the government if necessary.