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the 3rd amendment

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Q: Which amendment states that you do not have to provide shelter for soldiers during times of peace?
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What is the Amendment III in simlpe language?

This amendment prohibits the government from forcing people to provide shelter for (quarter) soldiers in their homes. During times of war, Congress may require a homeowner to house soldiers but only under conditions spelled out by law.

Which citizens right does the third amendment protect?

Third amendment states that the government may not force a property owner to house soldiers (or anyone, for that matter), and if the property owner WILLINGLY houses soldiers, that the government will compensate them.

What were soldiers shelter during world war 1?

ground and blanket

What amendment applies quartering of British soldiers in private homes during the colonial period?

The 3 rd ammendment

Which amendment grew out of an old complaint against the birtish who had forced the colonist to take soldiers into the homes during and?

The third amendment, ratified 1791.

Is it safe to get in a closet and crouch down during a tornado?

A closet can provide good shelter during a tornado.

What amendment isquartering of British soldiers in private homes during the colonial period?

There is no amendment before the revolution. The constitution wasn’t written until 1787.

Do you close doors to closet shelter during tornado watch?

No. You do not need to take shelter during a tornado watch. You take shelter if a tornado warning is issued. If you are in a closet shelter you should close the door; it may not provide adequate protection otherwise.

What is the importance of the third amendment?

while soldiers are not quartered (housed ) in citizens' homes nowadays, this amendment reminds the government to respect the privacy of peoples' homes(The British government housed soldiers in citizens' homes without permission.)

What were three hardships faced by soldiers during the civil war?

the three hardships are finding food, healing wounds, and shelter.

During what season would you use a lean to for shelter?

All seasons. A leantoo will provide you shelter from snow, rain, sun, wind, etc.. When camping or hiking, shelter is your most important thing.

What is the 3rd amendment interpreted?

"it means that american citizens have the right to own a weapon.!"... No it doesn't, that's the second amendment a brief summery of the third amendment is that Soldiers cannot be quartered in any home during a war without the owners consent.'