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which one.

a) sending troops to stop a riot when it threatens the security of the United States.

b) Administering environmental laws through the Environmental Protection Agency.

c) proposing and signing constitutional amendments.

d) collecting income taxes through the Internal Revenue Service.

e) leading a political party.

The US Presidential Powers include:

  1. Be commander in chief of the Army and Navy when called into service.
  2. Require the opinion of the principal officer in each executive department.
  3. May grant reprieves and pardons.
  4. Make treaties.
  5. Nominate and appoint ambassadors, judges of the Supreme Court and all other officers of the United States.
  6. Fill all vacancies during the recess of the Senate.
  7. Give to Congress information for the state of the union.
  8. Recommend to their consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.
  9. On extraordinary occasions convene both Houses, or either of them.
  10. Receive ambassadors and other public ministers.
  11. Take care that the laws be faithfully executed.
  12. Commission all the officers of the United States.
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Q: Which are not examples of the US Presidential powers?
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Examples of Presidential powers are?

Grant pardonsappoint federal judges to the supreme courtsign bills into lawveto billsgrant reprievesamnesty

What was the result of the Supreme Court case US v Nixon?

presidential powers were limited

Expanded presidential powers are justified in the war on terrorism that will never really have a definite termination date?

No. They are not. The powers are divided in the US Constitution for good reason.

Where in the constitution does courts get its powers?

It's comes from the presidential powers.

Will presidential powers increase or decline in the future?

will there be powers in the future

The facts above are all examples of the principle in the US Constitution?

separation of powers

If presidential powers is not expressed what is it?


What is example of rational?

Legal rational authority is power based according a set of rules. It is also called legal authority. Examples includes presidential powers.

Presidential power has grown due primarily to the fact that their powers outlined in Article 2 of the US Constitution are?

broad and vague

What are 3 examples of implied powers?

Three examples implied powers not expressed in the US Constitution are the income tax, military draft, and deleting a coin from the treasury. There are others that are enforced by statute.

What presidency saw the growth of presidential powers over congressional powers?

The Bush Administration

What is presidential democracy?

Presidential democracy is a form of government where the president is the head of state and government, elected by the people for a fixed term. The president's powers are separate from the legislature, providing a system of checks and balances. Examples include the United States and Brazil.