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1. Mandarin Chinese (845 million)

2. Spanish (329 million)

3. English (328 million)

4. French (270 million)

5. Hindi (236 million)

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1. English

2. Spanish

3. Chinese

4. French

5. German

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Q: Which are the most 5 languages people speaks in world?
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Who were the info-europians?

I think you mean the indo-Europeans. The term 'Indo-European' refers in most cases to a group of languages with common linguistical roots, not so much to people. There are some 450 languages today with Indo-European roots, European languages like English, Spanish, German and Russian just being four of them. Almost half the people on this planet speak an Indo-European language. The "Indo"-part of the name is caused by the fact that several eastern languages, notably Indian and Iranian dialects and languages, have the same roots as most European languages.

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What is the least most spoken language?

The least most spoken language is also the largest smallest vocabulary and is largely filled with tiny letters and articles of punctuation. This language, known as crypticclarity, is spoken the least by the vast majority of people who speak it. Most people who speak crypticclarity are at least as old as those who speak English or Spanish or French or the many dialects of Chinese, Korean and other Indochina languages. The least known language amongst most of the world, crypticclarity is only spoken by those who speak it.

Why is China the most racist country?

I argue that it is not. For the most part, people do not take arms up against people of other races, cultures, or even smaller differences which seem insignificant, like in many other countries. Many different races live in China, and there are hundreds of different dialects of languages spoken in China. China is not the most racist country, not even close.

What is a sankirt?

Sanskrit is an early and extinct language of the Indo-European family that includes most of the languages of Europe as well as ancient Latin and Greek, Slavonic languages like Russian and Serbo-Croat, and some common languages of north India such as Hindi and Gujrati, also Persian, Albanian and Armenian.

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Who speaks most languages?

Ziad Fazah holds the Guinness World Record for speaking the most languages. He is reported to speak 58 languages fluently.

What continent speaks the most number of languages?

Africa is the continent that speaks the most number of languages, with over 2,000 recognized languages spoken across the continent. This diverse linguistic landscape is a reflection of the rich cultural heritage and history of the African people.

Who plays the most instruments and speaks the most languages?

Helen Keller

Which WikiAnswers contributor speaks the most languages?

I - the user named "Get real" - speak nine (9) languages.

Who holds the record for the most languages known or spoken?

Ziad Fazah, born in Liberia, is currently the world's greatest living polyglot. He speaks 56 languages fluently.

Do people from Mexico talk in English?

Most Mexican people (92.7%) speak Spanish, while a minority (5.7%) speaks any of 63 Amerindian languages that predate contact with Europeans. However, some 13% of the population speaks English for business and tourism purposes.

What fraction of the world speaks English?

It is the official language of 53 countries. As a first language it is spoken by 309 to 400 million people and as a second language between 199 million and 1.4 billion. English is the third most spoken language in the world

Which languages are the most popular in the world?

English, Chinese and Spanish are the most popular languages on Earth. English is spoken about anywhere in the world. China and Taiwan are both Chinese countries and China has a huge population. Since Spain colonized most of Latin America, much of that area speaks Spanish.

What language does Porto Rico speaks?

The official languages of Puerto Rico are Spanish and English, with Spanish being the most widely spoken. Many people in Puerto Rico are bilingual in both languages.

What percentage of the world's population speaks Bengali?

Approximately 3% of the world's population speaks Bengali, making it the seventh most spoken language in the world. It is primarily spoken in Bangladesh and the Indian state of West Bengal.

How many languages in all over the world?

There are an estimated 6,700 recognized languages in the world. Most of them are spoken by fewer than 1,000 people.

What percentage of the world's population speaks Arabic?

Around 4.5% of the world's population speaks Arabic as their first language. This makes Arabic one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.