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The 3rd article in the Constitution specifies the Judicial Branches powers.

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Article III.

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Article III

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Q: Which aricle deals with the judicial branch?
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What article matches the judicial branch?

Article 3 deals with the judicial branch.

Article III deals with which branch?

Article I of the united states constitution deals specifically with the judicial branch of the united states. in this branch, judges carry out laws that are passed on to their branch. after this, they send it to the president, who can either veto it or declare it a national lawfor all people in the united states.

What article deals with the judial branch of government in the constitution?

article 3 deals with the judicial branch of the government

What article deals with judicial branch of the government?

Supreme Court.

What branch of economics deals with behavior and decision making?


What branch does article 3 define?

The US Presidency is described in Article II.

What role does the constituition assign to the judicial branch?

The constitution assigns the judicial branch the role of interpreting laws, resolving disputes, and ensuring that laws are constitutional. The judicial branch also has the power to review the actions of the other branches of government to ensure they are in accordance with the constitution.

What does the article of the constitution establish?

Article III of United States constitution deals with judicial branch, judicial powers and the definition and punishment of treason. It defines the structure of judicial branch, tenures of judges, issue of salaries of judges and number of courts.

What branch explains laws whenever there is a disagreement over them?

judicial branch

What is article three of the constitution about?

Article III of the Constitution of the United States of America outlines the powers of the Judiciary. It covers Judicial Authority, Scope of Judicial Authority and Treason.

What qualifications of the supreme court justice are?

leads the judicial branch

What branch decides cases between citizens of different states?

All levels of courts fall within the judicial branch.