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The battle of Yorktown or Saratoga.
Yorktown got the final settlements, but Saratoga was when the US secured French aid.

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Battle of Bunker Hill

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Q: Which battle forced the British to commence peace negotiations with the Americans?
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Who won the battle of Charleston between the Americans and the British?

The British won at the Battle of Charleston.

Did the British win or the Americans win at the battle of Yorktown?

The Americans

What is the battle of sartoga?

the battle of sartoga is the battle between the british and the Americans in the 1770's in concord which the Americans won

At what battle did the British surrender to the Americans?

They surrendered in the Battle of Concord.

Who lost the battle with the British in New York?

In the Battle of New York, the British defeated the Americans.

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The Minutemen were Americans

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The British attacked the Americans in the battle of Bladensburg to clear their way to Washington

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this was a battle that the British commander, Burgoyne, had to win but he was beat by the Americans

After which battle did British General Charles Cornwalis surrender to the Americans?

the Battle of Yorktown