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The judicial branch.

The Supreme Court is the Judicial Branch of the US Government.

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Judical branch

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The judicial branch

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Q: Which branch decides if the actions of the executive branch are constitutional?
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Does the judicial branch has authority to examine the actions of both the legislative branch and the executive branch to determine whether these acts are constitutional?


Does legislative branch decide if laws are constitution?

The legislative branch comes up with bills(ideas that they hope to become laws) The executive branch approves the bills and the Judicial branch decides if they are constitutional.

Which branch decides if a law is constitutional?


Which branch decides if the laws that are made are fair and just according to your Constitution?

I'm pretty sure that it is the executive branch. Incorrect, the judicial system determines whether the laws enacted by the senate/house and approved by the executive are constitutional.

Who decides if a treaty is unconstitutional?

The Executive branch decides is a treaty is unconstitutional

Does the executive branch decide if laws are constitutional?

The Executive Branch Passes The Laws CR

Which branch of government decides if the law is constitutional?


Which branch of the central government decides if law is constitutional?


What beanch can declare executive actions unconstitutional?

the executive branch

What kind of laws does the executive branch produce?

The Executive Branch does not have the constitutional power to pass "law." However certain portions of the Executive Branch can issue Executive Orders, which can have the force of law.

In the UK what branch of government decides whether a law is constitutional?


Which branch of the government declare the actions of the executive branch to be unconstitutional?