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The Legislative Branch.

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Q: Which branch determines laws?
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Which branch of government determines the constitutionality of laws or ordinances?

judicial branch

Which branch of the government determines the constitutionality of laws or ordinances?

the judicial branch

The separation of the judicial legislative and executive branches?

the executive branch carries out laws/ enforces laws, while the judicial branch determines if laws are constitutional, the legislative branch makes laws

What is the job of judicial branch-?

The job of the judicial branch is the interpreted (example) and define the laws

Which branch determines if laws are just and constitutional?

The Judicial Branch determines whether laws are constitutional; however, they are not responsible for ensure laws are "just." Many laws favor one group over another, seem unfair to the population, but are still considered appropriate under constitutional guidelines.

Why was the judicial breach created?

The judicial branch determines if laws are constitutional and the structure of courts.

What branch is responsible for putting laws into effect?

There are 3 of branches of government:legislative branch - which is responsible for proposing and passing the lawsexecutive branch - includes the president and the the departments that help run the governmentjudicial branch - interprets the laws,punishing criminals,and settling disputes between states

What branch of government determines The legality of laws?

It is the legislative branch of government that makes laws, however it is the judicial branch that interprets their meaning. The third branch is the executive branch.

Why do you have Checks and Balances in the US Government?

Checks and balances ensure that one branch cannot gain too much power. The legislative branch creates laws. The judicial branch interprets the meanings of the laws and determines if they are unconstitutional. The executive branch is responsible for enforcing the laws.

What powers are granted to the executive powers?

The executive branch is responsible for writing and enforcing laws. The branch also determines who the head of each government agency is.

Does the president of the united states set out laws and principles for the government of the united states?

No. As the head of the US Executive branch, the President is responsible for ensuring that US laws are enforced. The Legislative branch, Congress, establishes laws. The judicial branch, the US Supreme Court determines the Constitutionality of those laws that are brought before them.

How can the judicial branch challenge the powers of the legislative and executive branch?

The Judicial branch has what is known as Judicial Review, which means the Judicial Branch may invalidate laws made by the Legislative branch and executive orders made by the Executive branch that it determines is unconstitutional.