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executive or administrative

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Q: Which branch of government Executes or implements laws?
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Who implements the law in the separation of power?

The Executive Branch of government implements the laws passed by the Legislative Branch.

The president is what branch of the government?

The president is the executive branch which executes and enforces laws.

What makes the country's laws legislative branch or executive branch or judicial branch?

Laws are made by the legislative branch of government. The executive branch executes the laws, and the judicial branch interprets the laws.

The legislative branch makes laws the executive branch implements laws and the judicial branch reviews laws this is an example of which principle of government?

separationo of powers

Who executes out the laws?

The President of the US and agencies and members of the Executive branch of government.

What part of a government carries out laws?

Laws made by governments are intended to be flowed (carried out) by the citizens that elected the government.

The purpose of the Executive Branch is?

The executive branch, headed by the president, executes the laws and runs the many service departments of the government.

What branch of Georgia's government sees that the states laws are implemented?

The legislature branch of Georgia's governments makes laws while the judiciary interprets and implements the laws.The judiciary is the branch of Georgia's government that oversees the implementation of the state laws.

In what form of government are the law making and the law executing functions lodged in separate branches of the government?

Legislative branch makes law; Executive branch (president) executes laws.

What are the two main jobs of the head of the Executive branch of government?

Is the branch that carries out laws a second named called the executes

What executes the laws of the land?

The executive branch , the president.

The three branches of government are the __________ branch, the ____________ branch, and the _______________ branch.?

legislative branch- proposes new laws, can impeach president Executive- carry out the laws, hold the president who is the commander in chief, and can veto laws appoint and fire judges etc Judicial- implements and enforces the laws