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The most important is the judicial branch because they've got the ability of the courts to review laws

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Q: Which branch of government do you feel is most important explain you answer?
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Which branch of your federal government is most important in todays world?

I believe that the legislative branch is the most important because it makes all of our laws like where to put a stop sign so crashes are less likely to happen. Without laws the world would be chaos. it is also there to make people feel safer.

Why did Americans feel that the legislature was the most democratic branch of government?

the Americans thought that the legislative branch was the most demotratic because people voted for them, so they were selected by people.

To which branch of government does the House of Representatives belong?

It belongs to the Legislative Branch !!!

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Does any branch of the federal gov't have too much power according to this system?

With a checks and balances system in place the judicial, executive, and legislative branch of governments are prevented from having too much power. This system provided people with the ability to feel confident that no single branch of government could ignore their voices.

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What branch of the government is the US house of representatives associated?

The House of Representatives is part of the Legislative branch.The United States has a bicameral legislature, meaning the lawmaking part of government is divided into two parts, or chambers. The House of Representatives is one chamber, and the Senate is the other. Together, they're referred to as Congress.

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What are the similarities of the two houses of congress?

They both help the country or community to improve in safety or what they feel needs improvement. They both play very important roles in our government. They both have somewhat the same amount of power.