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The FDIC is an independent agency created by Congress. Technically speaking, no branch has direct control over the FDIC because of its independent status. It is governed by a 5 member Board of Governors, who are not answerable to any government officials. They are appointed by the President, subject to confirmation by the Senate, but the President has no direct control over operations of the FDIC the way the President has control over the Departments of Treasury, War or State or any of their agencies.

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Q: Which branch of government has authority over FDIC?
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Who has authority over nation-states?

The legislative branch has the job of making laws.

Which branch of the US government has power over the US budget?

The executive branch makes suggestions on the budget, but Congress has control over it.

Powers maintained by the executive branch over the legislative and judicial branches include?

The executive branch of government has the power to veto bills proposed by the legislative branch. The executive branch of government has the power to overturn laws and rulings made within the judicial branch of government as well!

What authority does the Judicial Branch have over the other branches?

The Judicial Branch of the government of the United States has no authority over any other branch of the government. An individual court can deal with any issue involving any person working for the federal government except for an activity done performing their job. Thus, if a congressman says something you do not like while he is on the floor of congress, he was doing his job. The courts have no authority. If you are in a restaurant and a congressman slanders you, that is slander and a court of law has authority. He was a private citizen. No judge can tell congress what it has to do. As far as the administration goes, the court can and does get involved in administrative procedures. In the case of Bush vs. Gore, the Supreme Court ruled that a Gore could not cherry pick which areas he wanted recounted. If there would be a recount, the whole state had to be recounted, and recounted the same way. People arguing about what procedures the administration would follow, go to a judge. The judicial branch can rule when a conflict exists concerning what policies administrators should use.

What did the resolution of the Nullification Crisis establish?

The authority of the federal government over the state governments.

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Who is the charge of judicial branch?

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has the greatest authority over the judicial branch of the American government.

Which branch of the government maintains control over the postal system?

No branch of the U.S. government is responsible for mail service. The U.S. Postal Service is operates under the authority of the government, but is not a government agency or department.

If there are disputed over authority between local state or the national government how are the disputes resolved?

The Judicial branch rules on the issue in court.

If there are disputes over authority between local state or national government how are disputes resolves?

The Judicial branch rules on the issue in court.

As _________ , the president has authority over the executive branch; as _________, the president acts as the symbolic and political representative of the nation?

head of government; head of state

If there disputes over authority between local state or the national government how are the disputes resolved?

The Judicial branch rules on the issue in court.

Which branch of federal government applies and interprets laws?

The Judicial Branch. The Supreme Court of the United States has the final authority over the interpretation of federal law.

Does federal government have authority over state government?


Is one branch of government more powerful than the others?

Assuming this is the United States Government...Every branch of the government is supposed to equal. The government is devised to be a system of checks and balances...Meaning that if one branch tries to do something let's say unethical another branch of the government will have process check the situation and restore balance to the system.

Describe Checks and Balances?

Also known as a Seperation of Powers, the description of how our government cannot operate without all three branches. No one branch has supreme authority over another. Each branch has the power to approve or disapprove another's actions

Senate military powers?

Congress is the only branch of government with the authority to declare war, so the Senate can do that in conjunction with the House. Additionally, the Senate Committee on Armed Services has a lot of authority over the nation's defense.

When there is a dispute between states and the federal government over authority who has the authority to settle that dispute?

If there are disputes over authority between local, state, or the national government, how are the disputes resolved?