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The legislative branch handles money that has to do with presidential funding.

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Legislative Branch

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Q: Which branch of government may withhold funding for presidential initiatives?
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Which of the following is an example of a grant-in-aid?

A government program that provides funding to states for education initiatives would be an example of a grant-in-aid.

Does Illinois receive any money from the federal government?

Yes, Illinois receives funding from the federal government in the form of grants, aid for programs such as healthcare and education, and support for infrastructure projects. This funding helps finance various initiatives in the state and contributes to its overall economic well-being.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of federal funding of presidential-campaign?

im not sure

How Are public schools funded?

By the government, which is broke, ergo they too are broke

Where can someone find information on government funding?

One can find information on government funding on many online sites such as "Americasgotfunding". Government funding is an excellent way for a small business to get started.

If research is restricted then the new discoveries made are limited. Which action would most likely increase the number of discoveries scientists can make?

Increasing government funding of research

What is a government fund cite?

A government fund cite refers to a specific source of funding set up and managed by a government entity for a particular purpose. These funds can be used for various initiatives such as infrastructure projects, social welfare programs, or disaster relief efforts. Government fund cites are important resources that help support the functioning of a government and the well-being of its citizens.

What is public funding?

Public funding is funding that is provided by the government. Many social programs designed to help people receive public funding.

Are recycling centers funded by the government?

Yes they are, they get funding from the government. The conservatives are cutting funding though. so there will be less funding available. Its a shame really.

Money provided for government programs is called?

If you are applying for funding from a government program, you most likely will be asking for grant funding. Government agencies often provide grants to non-profit organizations, schools, and businesses.

Where does MIT get its funding from?

government funded

What is the source of government funding?