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Usually, the branch of government is the court system, and in most states ultimate responsibility lies with the highest court in the State. In many states, there is a susidiary agency, answerable to the top court, that processes complaints about attorney conduct. Search the Web. Include the name of the state, and the terms: attorney discipline regulation registration bar "bar association". If you come up with a bar association web site, call them. They'll know. So will the top court, usually the "Supreme Court" (but called the Court of Appeals in NY). Or, call your local courthouse and ask.

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The Executive Branch

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Q: Which branch of of government regulates the legal profession?
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What legal or government entity regulates auctioneers in the US?

There is nolegal or government entity that regulates auctioneers in the US, but laws and regulations formulated by states.

What branch of government oversees all military trials and legal businesess?

The Legislative Branch.

What branch of government determines if a law is legal?

The judicial branch determines if a law is constitutional or not.

Legal questions regarding constitutional issues are decided by what branch of government?

The judicial branch.

What branch of the government decided in 1997 that legal restrictions on Internet content violate the First Amendment?

The Judicial Branch

Does the Parliamentary Model of government appoint the Judicial Branch?

Not directly. A committee of parliament, who are appionted from all major parties, has input into the appointments process of a committee of the judiciary itself. The choices are from the legal profession and only will be questioned by the parliamentary committee if there is a controversial choice.

Who defines the legal justice system?

Our legal justice system is defined by a state or the US Constitution as the judicial branch of Government.

When was Building a Better Legal Profession created?

Building a Better Legal Profession was created in 2007.

Which branch of government monitors the enforcement and appropriate of law?

The judicial branch of government is responsible for interpreting and applying the law. It oversees the enforcement of laws and ensures that they are being implemented appropriately. This branch is typically comprised of courts and judges who oversee legal proceedings and make determinations on legal matters.

Does the governor issue legal rulings about the laws?

(in the US) If you are referring to the Governor of a state - no, they cannot. The Governor is part of the Executive Branch of government not the Judicial Branch, therefore they cannot issue legal rulings.

What is the elxcutive branch of your government?

The Legislative branch makes law. The Judicial branch ensures that those laws are legal and meet the requirements of the US Constitution, and the Executive branch enforces those laws.

Who makes up the judicial branch of our government?

The Court system. Judges decide on whether the laws mad by the Legislative branch are followed or are legal. the Executive branch enforces the laws.