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inner circle--> attorney general, secretaries of state, treasury, and defense

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Basically, the President decides which cabinet members he will see more often and work with the closest.

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Q: Which cabinet members often form an inner circle closer to the president and which have less direct contact?
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Where is number one observatory circle where the vice president lives?

According to the White House website Number One Observatory Circle is located in Washington D. C. overlooking Massachusetts Ave.

What precautions are now taken to protect the president?

Precautions to protect the president are more cameras ,tracking devices , and more security. They did all this because of the terrorists and possible assassin's trying to kill the president of the United States.they all would take a bullet for the president. they all circle the president, and whenever he moves, they move with him! its really creepy!

Where does the new VP live while in office?

Since 1974 the house at Number One Observatory Circle has been available for the current Vice President of the United states.

What symbol is in the inner circle of the presidential seal?

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What does KGC stand for?

Knights of the Golden Circle

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What are the functions of the Presidents kitchen cabinet?

The President's kitchen cabinet, also known as the informal advisors or inner circle, serves multiple functions in supporting the President's decision-making process. They provide advice and counsel on various policy matters, help shape the President's agenda, and offer insights and expertise on specific issues. The kitchen cabinet also plays a crucial role in shaping public opinion, advocating for the President's initiatives, and maintaining communication between the President and relevant stakeholders.

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The President of the United States has an inner circle of advisers and people they trust, and President Clinton was no different. President Clinton did not include the national security council adviser in his inner circle.

Can you have the president's phone number?

No, only the people in the president's family and his inner circle of advisers (and the Secret Service, which protects him) have his personal and private phone number. You are welcome to call the White House and leave a message for him, but it's better to write to him. I enclose a link that explains how the public can contact the president.

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Who is in the President's inner circle and what are there duties?

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One Observatory Circle

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