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While the Secretary of Defense probably deals with the majority of things pertaining to military operations, other cabinet posts also play substantial parts.

Secretary of State, for instance. Or Transportation.

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The Secretary of State.

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Q: Which cabinet secretary deals with military operations?
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Which cabinet secretary deals with money?

Secretary of Treasury

What cabinet deals with foreign affairs?

The Secretary of State.

What cabinet department deals with farming?

In the US, it's the Department of Agriculture, headed by the cabinet post of the Secretary of Agriculture, currently Tom Vilsack of Iowa.

Who of the Presidential Cabinet deals with foreign countries?

Multiple members of the Cabinet deal with foreign relations, however Secretary of State Hillary Clinton specializes in the affairs of foreign nations

Which cabinet secretary deals with care of US lands?

Department of the Interior is head of Bureau of Land Management, US Geological Survey, and the National Park Service

What cabinet deals with national parks?

The Department of Interior

What cabinet department deals with parks?

The department of firemen.

Which cabinet department deals with indian affairs?

The Department of the Interior.

Which cabinet deals with educational funding?

The School Board Dean

What is the difference between a secretary and an administrator?

An Administrator manages paperwork, whilst a secretary deals with paperwork.

This Secretary deals with issues related to natural resources of the US?

Secretary of Interior (Ken Salazar).

What department deals with the nation's financial matters?

In the United States Federal Government, the department responsible for dealing with financial matters is the Department of the Treasury, headed by the Secretary of the Treasury, a member of the president's cabinet.