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We don’t have the choices given you and it is a essay answer. We don’t do homework.

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Q: Which choice would be the best explanation for why the civil rights act of 1964 is the most important anti-discrimination?
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Why are the ninth and 10th amendments so important?

The ninth amendment help you to have the freedom of choice for everything that the bill of rights didnt cover.

What has the author Andrew Koppelman written?

Andrew Koppelman has written: 'The Gay Rights Question in Contemporary American Law' 'Antidiscrimination law and social equality' -- subject(s): Discrimination, Law and legislation, Equality

Explanation of section 2 bill of rights of the Philippines?


What is the most important thing about the civil rights and habeas corpus?

the most important thing about the civil rights and habeas corpus was that the civil rights didnt have a choice to protect themselves because they were the slaves of the holy roman empire and habeas corpus had the right and the will to do anything they wanted because they were the loyalty they were the ones who assisted and obeyed the law of the holy roman emperor and that was the most important thing about the civil rights and habeas corpus.

Bill of rights important?

It was very important. It contained the first 10 amendments (changes/additions) to the U.S. Constitution. Without it we wouldn't have freedom of speech. It gave us freedom to practice the religion of our choice or no religion at all. It also gave us rights to have a fair trial,...

What is the explanation of bill of rights article 3 section 15?

kiisss the nippleesss

Explanation of Article 1158 civil code of the Philippines?

Chidren and Women rights

What are the Explanation and example of bill of rights section 1 to 20?

The Bill of Rights section one to twenty are a list of the first twenty amendments to the United States Constitution. An amendment explains or adds to the explanation of another law.

How does the campaign for gay rights differ from prior civil rights campaigns?

The difference is that most of the opposition to gay rights believes being gay is a choice (and a bad one at that). No one in the racial civil rights era believed being Black was a choice.

Why are there Civil Rights laws just for women?

Civil Rights laws are made to pretect the basic civil rights of EVERY American citizen. Antidiscrimination laws are in effect to prevent discrimination against race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc. History tells us that both women and African-Americans have been the most common victims of prejudice and/or discrimination in our country.

What is the explanation of section 13 in the bill of rights?

explaine Bill of rigths section 13

Are gay rights important?

If you are asking if equal rights for gay people are important, the answer is yes.