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Doing laundry.

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1. The chore of repeatedly asking your wife to wash the clothes.

2. Washing clothes.

One of those is a joke.

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the weekly laundry

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The weekly laundry

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Why is washing machine makes the man's life easier?

At one time, a woman spent an hour with a washboard washing and rinsing clothes. Today she uses less than a minute to put those close in her washing machine, pour in detergent, set the knobs, and turn on the machine. It takes less than a minute to move the clothes from the washing machine to they dryer. Thus, the washing machine has reduced an hours work to two minutes. That has made her life easier.

Why did Alva Fisher invent the washing machine?

Alva Fisher invented the first electrical washing machine. Alva invented the washing machine because he saw how hard his wife worked to clean the clothes and wanted to make it easier for her.

Did James King invent the washing machine?

yes and it was so it can be easier to clean clothes

Why did Alva J Fisher invent the washing machine?

Alva J. Fisher invented the washing machine in 1908 to help make laundry day more efficient and less labor-intensive for households. By automating the process of washing clothes, Fisher intended to save time and effort for homemakers.

What is money laundring certificate?

washing money inside a washing machine is easier than laundry service thus we can save that money for our personal purpose.

Can a duvet be washed in a washing machine?

A feather duvet can be washed in your home washing machine, although it's not recommended. A professional cleaner will have a much easier time cleaning it for you. Duvet covers can be washed normally with your sheets.

Why did they invent the washing machine?

so it would be an easier way to wash clothing. DUHHHHH.

Why surface of electric machine are made smooth?

Having a smooth surface on an electric machine reduces friction and heat generation during operation. This helps improve the efficiency and performance of the machine by minimizing energy loss and wear on moving components. Additionally, a smooth surface can enhance the aesthetics of the machine and make it easier to clean and maintain.

What are advantages of labor saving devices?

They save labour! It's much quicker and easier to put laundry through a washing machine than to do it by hand, for example.

When the washing machine drains the soap suds come up through the bathroom toilet why?

This is likely due to a blockage or a clog in the plumbing system connecting the washing machine to the bathroom toilet. As the washing machine drains, it pushes water and soap suds towards the shared drainage system, causing them to come up through the toilet. It is important to address this issue promptly to prevent any further backup or damage to the plumbing.

Is sewing machine a complex machine?

not very complex these days, they are electric . Saw a brand 'elvira' who has lots of digital version, sewing has become easier than back in the days, no more pedals:)

How does machines help us?

machines help us every day. for instance the car or coffee machine. They also make life alot better or easier. The dishwasher and the washing machine and don't forget the dryer. just look around you and you will be very surprised at how many machines you use in your everyday life