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Q: Which city-state is known for its democratic government?
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In ancient Greece independent communities that followed their own traditions government and laws came to be known as a?


What city-state is known for its democratic government?

Athens was known for its democratic government.

What is the citystate of Athens best known for?


What is a citystate?

a city which has it's own government and militaryIt is a state with a large well known city in it

What kind of government is Cuba?

Cuba is a communist government. Which is also known as limited government.

Which city state was known for a democratic government in ancient Greece?


What is a word for a government in which people elect their leaders?

Democratic Government

Who has the power in a democratic government?

The people have the power in the democratic government.

Is Italy's government a democratic?

Yes Italy's government is a Democratic.

Is India's government democratic?

India has a democratic system of government. It is the largest democratic country in the world.

Does India has a democratic government?

Yes, India has an elected democratic government.

Does Russia have a autocratic oligarchic or democratic government?

It has a democratic government I think