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Harvard University, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has produced the most U.S. Presidents, which is eight. Harvard also produced four US Vice Presidents.

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Q: Which college or university has the most presidents as alumni?
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Which collegeuniversity has the most presidents as alumni?

Harvard University

Which Big Ten University has the most Presidents as alumni?

University of Michigan

Which second college has the most alumni presidents?

The answer is ..... Yale!!! The answer is ..... Yale!!!

Where can I find information about the alumni at military colleges and universities?

This depends on the college or university. Most have an alumni organization. For example, here's the alumni organization for The Citadel:

Where is the Alma mater of most US presidents?

Nine Presidents never attended college: Washington, Jackson, Van Buren, Taylor, Fillmore, Lincoln, A. Johnson, Cleveland, and Truman. The college that has the most presidents as alumni (six in total) is Harvard: J. Adams, J. Q. Adams, T. Roosevelt, F. Roosevelt, Kennedy, and G. W. Bush (business school). Yale is a close second, with five presidents as alumni: Taft, Ford (law school), G.H.W. Bush, Clinton (law school), and G. W. Bush.according to:

What US Presidents graduated from the College of New Jersey?

I checked several sources for this question. No U.S. presidents have graduated from the College of New Jersey. Harvard University has had the most future presidents enrolled.

How many living alumni does Kansas University have?

As of the most recent data available, the University of Kansas has over 200,000 living alumni.

What college produced the most American presidents?

Harvard has the most presidential alumni (eight ): John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Rutherford Hayes, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt , John Kennedy, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama. Hayes and Obama went there only for law school and Bush went for his MBA. The other 5 went for undergrad degrees.Yale is second with 5 (Taft, Ford (law school), G.H.W. Bush, Clinton (law school), and G. W. Bush)

What college has largest alumni?

Overall that would be hard to figure because many of the world's oldest universities probably do not have records regarding the number of graduates they have extending their entire history. The University of Michigan has the most living alumni of any university at nearly 500,000.

Most famous alumni of babson college?

Auther Blank

What university's alumni have won the most Super Bowl rings?

university of miami 50 rings

Is Williams an ivy league school?

No, Williams is not an Ivy League college or university. Williams sometimes is rated as the best liberal arts small college. It is not however a university.