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Some companies that produce cabinet keys include Jasper Cabinet and Cabinet Makers Office. You can also get cabinet replacement keys at websites such as Cubiclekeys.

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Q: Which companies produce cabinet keys
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Where can someone get glass cabinet knobs?

One may purchase glass cabinet knobs from stores including Halfords, B&Q, John Lewis and Screwfix. One may also visit the respective websites for these companies where they may order online. One may also visit websites including Amazon and eBay to find glass cabinet knobs.

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Describe the basic principles of an effective key control plan?

To identify, inventory, issue and receive keys correctly operating locks while maintaining records of keys and locks, key holders, and instructions to produce or dispose of keys. Effective Key control must monitor lost or stolen keys, coordinate lock replacements and collect appropriate fees associated with production and issue of keys. Most important, the effective key control plan will assure keys work as required and are issued and collected in a timely accountable manner. Additionally, security of keys and accurate records of keys and locks are necessary for effective control. The key players of the plan are the locksmith, key control personnel, and key holders. Critical to the success of the plan are the processes by which keys and locks are requested, keys issued, accounts managed and customer interactions managed.

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I lost my cabinet keys - how to replace?

If you lost your cabinet keys, you can call the cabinet maker and see if they have replacements. You can also call a locksmith to make a new set of keys.

How safe are child proof cabinet locks?

The use of the child proof cabinet locks are safe if you keep cabinet locks out of way of child, use keys to secure cabinet, & give specific people keys.

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How can open a filing cabinet without keys?

First port of call would be to telephone a locksmith specializing it office furniture keys and locks, read the out the number on the lock face and see if they can supply the keys.

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If cabinets are purchased at Lowes, they offer installation of the product. Similarly, Home Depot also offers cabinet installation after purchase. Both companies offer warranties on their work.

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