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Q: Which core political value does political apathy hurt most to Americans?
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Which political philosopher influenced the ideas of liberalism as an american core value?

John Locke

Active political participation by all citizens is the core of which political system?

Active political participation by all citizens is the core of which political system

What are emerging values?

A value cluster of four interrelated core values-leisure, self-fulfillment, physical fitness, and youthfulness-emerging in the United States. A fifth core value-the concern for the environment- is also emerging. The emerging value cluster is a response to fundamental changes in U.S. society. Earlier generations of Americans were focused on forging a nation and fighting for economic survival. Today, millions of Americans are freed from long hours of work, an millions more are able to retire from work at an age when they anticipate decades of life ahead of them.

Swat core value?

S.W.A.T is an important part of the criminal justice system. The core value of this organization is, "people and relationships come first".

Core values core purpose?

The core purpose of a Core Value (also called a credo) is to have a known philosophy that guides the way the company does business.

What is core political speech?

the right for adults to have sexual course, or relationships

What events show the persistence of racial tension during World War 2?

CORE Congress of racial equality. African Americans in the military, Mexican Americans in wartime and the Japanese Americans in the War effort: Japanese American Citizens League.Read more: What_events_show_the_persistence_of_racial_tension_during_World_War_2

What is the movement of Americans from cities to communities outside an urban core?


How is freedom and servitude a core value of development?

Freedom and servitude are a core value of development, because human choice is greater than happiness increased by wealth. Sustenance and self-esteem are also core values of development.

What is a core democratic value that supports the industrial revolution?


What is the mission statements for tesco's?

'Our core purpose is to create value for customers to earn their lifetime loyalty'

Why were wealthy Americans loyalist?

The reason for the majority support of the English Crown by wealthier Americans during the middle years of the Eighteenth Century is fairly straightforward. These wealthy Americans were obviously part of the core social, political and economic structure of the American colonies. These wealthy colonials thus were quite frequently the business and social colleagues/friends of those English present in America. Therefore the social and financial welfare of the American Upper Class was heavily skewed in favor of the Crown and its servants. Political abeyance and agreement followed in due course!