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All countries in Central and South America.

In these countries the official languages derive from the Latin: Spanish (in most countries) , Portuguese (in Brazil), and French (in French Guyana).

European countries, in which Latin languages are spoken (France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Romania), are generally not referred to as "latino" countries. Rather, these countries are referred to as "Southern European" countries.

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Q: Which countries are considered Latino
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Are Portuguese people considered Latino?

Portuguese people are not typically considered Latino. The term "Latino" refers to people from Latin America, which includes countries in Central and South America but not Portugal. Portugal is located in Europe, and its people are considered European.

If you are of Caribbean descent are you are Latino?

Only if you are from Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba and Haiti. Those are countries from the Caribbean that are considered Latino because they all speak a latin language.

Is a Mexican considered Latino?

Yes Every Mexican is Latino.

Are Mexicans considered Latino?


Are Italians latinos?

Latino is a term for people from Latin America; which does not include Italians. WRONG!!! Latino is considered anybody whose language is based in Latin. Like ppl from: Spain, France, Portugal, Italy and many others. A lot of ppl get Hispanic and Latino mixed up. Hispanic is considered anyone who was impacted by the Spaniards' conquer, like countries from south-America, (but Brazil and Guyana), Central-America, Mexico and most of the Caribbean Islands..So u can be Latino but not Hispanic..=) but most Hispanics would consider latinos only people who are mixed with Indian and spaniard ancestry.So in the eyes of us "Hispanics" Italians,haitians and especially french people are not latinos.

Why are only South Americans considered Latinos when there are several other Latin based languages?

The term "Latino" primarily refers to someone with roots in Latin America, which includes countries in South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. While there are other Latin-based languages in Europe, such as Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and French, the term "Latino" typically refers to individuals from Latin America. However, it is important to note that the term can also be used more broadly to encompass individuals from any country where a Latin-based language is spoken.

Who are considered to be latin people?

In the United States, 'latino people' is a really broad definition that stands for all people born on the countries south of the United States. This definition includes people from countries such as Mexico, Panama, Argentina, Venezuela or Brazil.

Which of these groups would not be considered a Hispanic or Latino ethnicity by the U.S. Census Bureau?

The U.S. Census Bureau does not consider individuals from Spain or Brazil to be Hispanic or Latino due to the specific definitions used for these terms. However, individuals from Portugal are considered Hispanic or Latino by the Bureau.

What is the Ritmo Latino music program?

The Ritmo Latino music program is a music program for all Latin American countries. This music program specializes in bringing Latin music to countries in South and Central America.

Which is not considered a racial category by the U.S. Census Bureau?

Hispanic and Latino

Latino music can be traced to the influence of which two European countries?

Spain and Portugal

What is David Ortiz's nationality?

Ethnically, he's Afro-Latino, a Latino with significant African decent. Racially, he'd be considered Black.