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The U.S., and also Russia (with occasional help from other countries, such as Japan).

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Q: Which countries built the Skylab space station?
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Who invented Skylab?

Skylab was designed by NASA and built by American engineers. It was launched into space on May 14, 1973 as the United States' first space station.

When was the Skylab Space Station launched?

The Skylab Space Station was the Untied States first space station, and was operated and launched by NASA in 1973. The Skylab Space Station stayed in Earth's orbit from 1973 to 1979.

Is the skylab the space station?

Skylab was a space station that orbited the Earth from 1973 to 1979. It is not the same as the International Space Station which is currently in operation.

Why was skylab built?

Skylab was built to serve as the United States' first space station. It was designed to conduct scientific experiments and observations in microgravity conditions, as well as to test technology and systems for long-duration space missions. Skylab ultimately paved the way for the development of the International Space Station.

What was the first American space station?

The first American space station was Skylab (sometimes referred to as Skylab 1) which was made from an empty and converted Saturn V rocket case. It was launched in May 1973, and re-entered Earth's atmosphere when its orbit decayed in July 1979, long after the last crew had departed. The only other one the US has participated in is the ISS (International Space Station) which was built by the joint effort of America, Russia, China, Korea, Japan and many other countries

The firs us space station?

The first "space station" was "Skylab".

When did the US launch the Skylab Space Station?

The US launched the Skylab Space Station on May 14, 1973. Skylab was the first American space station in low Earth orbit and was used for various scientific experiments and observations.

What is the first us space station?


Is Skylab a space station space probe or a space shuttle?

Skylab was the precursor of the present International Space Station. It was a space station launched by NASA on May 14, 1973, and remained in orbit until July 11, 1979.

Is Skylab a space probe a space station or a space shuttle?

Skylab was a space station, launched by NASA in the 1970s to conduct scientific experiments in space. It was not a space probe or a space shuttle.

US first space station was called?


What year was the Skylab space station launched?