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I think it is England .

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Q: Which country founded a town on Manhattan island?
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What country founded a town on manhattan island?

England pg tn11 holt social studies

What is the center of Manhattan called?

Mid-town! Mid town Manhattan

What country is the town of Bowden located?

The town of Bowden is located in the country of Canada. Specifically, Bowden lies within the boundaries of the province of Alberta. The town was first founded in 1887.

Where was the Brio toy company founded?

The Brio toy company was founded in the country Sweden. It was in the small town of Boalt, Scania. However, the company was first based in the town of Osby.

What country founded Charles town?

deasa canady Josh Jackson and Deasa Canady

Is Kos a town or country?

Kos is an island with the capital also Kos.

What is some information on Manhattan Nevada?

Manhattan, Nevada is a small town in Nye County, Nevada approximately 50 miles north of Tonopah. It was founded in 1867, part of the silver mining boom, it later became a gold mining town, in 1906 the town was flooded with about 4,000 people searching for gold. The town eventually died down as the gold rush slowed down. As of 2005 the population was down to 124, Manhattan now has two bars and a small motel. There is still active gold mining within 10 miles of the town.

In which country is the small town of Kaponga?

Kaponga is in the North Island of New Zealand.

What country founded Cape Town?

Holland, it was established by the VOC or Dutch East India Company in 1652

When was Calico Ghost Town founded?

Calico Ghost Town is a historical mining town that was founded in 1881

Where is the town of Abergavenny located?

The town of Abergavenny is a market town in Monmouthshire, Wales. Wales is a country that is connected to Great Britain, sitting on the west side of the island.

What country is the town Colombo in?

Colombo is the capital of the island country of Sri Lanka, off the tip of India.