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A bunch of them, did you have one particular in mind?

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Q: Which country has their own government?
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What government is Aisa?

Asia is a continent, not a country. Each country has its own government.

Is Colombia governed by another country?

no. It has its own government

What country is autonomous?

An autonomous country is an independent country with its own government. It is not a colony or territory of Another Country.

A country that has its own government but whose policies are directed by the imperial power?

Imperialism is a country that has its own government but has the policies directed by the imperial power. It means one person or government holds power over the people.

Would wales collapse as a country if they were not part of an English government?

No, because we have our own government.

Is India a demoncratic country?

yes India is a democratic country cuz it have its own government

Why is England not recognised as an individual country when it has its own government and football team etc?

England does not in fact have its own government. Its legislature is the United Kingdom parliament and its government is that of the United Kingdom.

Is ice land a city?

Iceland is a country with its own government and language.

In ancient Greece how was the ruler determined?

Ancient Greece was not a unified country with a single government; every city had its own government, and every city also had its own form of government, and its own method of choosing a ruler.

Is Kenya a country or a state?

Kenya is a country located in East Africa. It is a sovereign nation with its own government and borders.

Is Greenland a country or not?

Greenland is an autonomous territory within the Kingdom of Denmark. It is not an independent country, but it does have its own government and its own distinct culture.

What is meant by the term responsible government?

responsible = Take care of yourself and Government = is the prime minster of your own country's