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The Indian constitution was adopted in the year 1949.

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26th january, 1950

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Q: Which date year Indian constitution came into force?
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How many articles in Indian constitution till the date?

at present indian constitution has 444 articles

How many articles in the Indian Constitution have till date?

at present indian constitution has 444 articles

What is the number of articles in the constitution of India?

now there are 395 articles,22 parts,12 schedules

How many amendments are made in the Indian constitution till date?

115 amendments till 2012 april as far as i know

What year did the first Constitution come into effect?

Article VII states that it would be in effect once nine of the thirteen states had ratified it. New Hampshire was the ninth, ratifying on June 21, 1788, putting the constitution technically into force on that date; however the Congress did not officially "commence proceedings under the constitution" until March 4, 1789.

Which values formed the foundation of the preamble of the Indian constitution?

The significance of the Preamble lies in its components. It embodies the source of the Constitution i.e., the people of India. The terms sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic, republic in the Preamble suggests the nature of the state. The ideals of justice, liberty, equality, fraternity reflects the objectives of the Constitution. It also contains November 26, 1949 as the date of adoption of the Indian Constitution. The philosophy of the Indian Constitution is reflected in the Preamble.

How many articles in Indian constitution?

The Constitution, in its current form, consists of a preamble, 22 parts containing 444 articles, 12 schedules, 5 appendices and 98 amendments to date.

What is celebrated on 26th Jan in India?

Republic Day.26th Jan is an important national holiday that commemorates the establishment of the Constitution of India.The adoption of the constitution marked the transition to full independence from Britain.26th January was chosen as the date for the adoption of the constitution as it was on that day in 1930 when the Declaration of Indian Independence was proclaimed by the Indian National Congress.

When the ticket checker vacancy of Indian railway will come out?

It has already come out. The exact date it came out was the 14th of April in 1951.

Why was the Indian Constitution implemented on 26th Jan 1950 all though it was prepared on 9th Dec 1949?

January 26, 1950 was chosen as the date of commencement of the constitution because on this date in 1930, Indian people observed independence day, following the resolution of purna swarj of the congress session held in the mid night of December 31, 1929 at Lahore.

How can a senator change parties after being elected by the opposite party?

Easy he just does it. There is nothing in the constitution or any where else that states he has to remind with the date he came with.

What is the date of the constitution of Scotland?

Scotland has no written constitution.