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Gathering data on how many veterans lack proper health care and publicizing it on social media.

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Q: Which description best illustrates an interest groups use a public pressure to indirectly influence policy?
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Why do Pluralists maintain that the influence of interest groups on government is not undemocratic?

Individual interests are indirectly represented in the policymaking process through these groups.

When is the pursuit of self-interest in the social-interest in the globalisation?

When your interest benefits the society directly and indirectly.

What is the main interest of interest groups?

to influence public policy

Does Lloyds TSB Banking do compound or annual interest?

Lloyds TSB Banking pays annual interest plus a bonus. It illustrates what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and compounded once each year.

What is the basis for interest groups' influence on government?

Often the size of the interest group will determine its effectiveness and its influence within the government.

What does the federal reserve do to fight recession?

Setting nominal interest rate (indirectly) they actually control the discount window rate, which is the rate at which banks borrow from the Fed, since interest rates are tied together, they indirectly influence aggregate interest rate. They also conduct open market operations, in which they buy or sell government bonds from the public in order to control money supply.

Which description best illustrates an interest group's use of public pressure to indirectly influence policy?

holding ralies to raise citizens' concern about the way police treat African Americans

An organization that tries to influence public policy?

interest group

What was the influence on renaissance?

increased interest in art

What was the Renaissance influence?

increased interest in art

What interest groups attempts to influence public policy at the international level?

Interest groups influence public policy through lobbying of their specific special interest they have in mind. The number one way interest groups affect public policy is by providing information to politicians which is illegal. Interest groups influence public opinion by showing the upsides of their policies & hiding the downsides. Also interest groups influence public policies through lobbying of their specific special interest they have in their minds. They usually get popular people to support it.

How do interest groups influence US foreign policy?

Interest groups lobby policymakers.