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separation of powers

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Q: Which doctrine divides government so that no branch can become too powerful?
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What is one reason the Constitution divides powers between the federal government and state governments?

The framers of the Constitution had already fought a war to rid themselves of a tyrannical government and wanted to take precautions to avoid this happening in the new nation. They sought to divide the powers between the states and government to assure neither entity would become too powerful.

How did the government keep tribunes from getting to powerful?

the government keep the tribune too become so powerful because it did.

What system does not allow one branch of government to become to powerful?

Checks and balances.

The system of and balances does not allow one branch of government to become too powerful?


How might government change as a result of industrialization?

Industrialization gave rise to colonization and imperialism by powerful countries and made industrialized become powerful.

What are the negative consequences of hyperpluralism?

organizations become so powerful that the government is overruled and unable to act.

Why is checks and balances important?

Checks and balances was created so no branch of government would become to powerful.

Why the doctrine of nullification become popular in the South?

The Doctrine of Nullification became popular in the South because it allowed for the states to abide by their own laws when they thought the laws of the Federal government were not suited to their government, or were unconstitutional. This gave rise to the states in the South making their own rules about slavery.

Why did the framers of the constitution didn't want the federal government to become too powerful?

They made a rule about it. If you know someone is becoming to powerful you just read the rule.

Who said the government was best separated into legislative executive and judicial powers so that no one branch of government could become too powerful?


Would the US have become more powerful if the articles of confederation had remained the basis of government?

I nedd this anwer either

What would stop one of the branches of government to assume all the control or become extremely powerful?

Revisions, permanent monitoring, and separation of powers (branches of government)