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Both were motivated by john Locke's ideas about natural rights

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Q: Which element did revolutionaries during the French and American revolutions have in common?
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What did not encourage Latin American revolutionaries?

The American and French Revolutions, Enlightenment philosphes such as rousseau, voltaire, etc.

What Encouraged The Latin American Revolutionaries?

The revolutionaries in Latin America were encouraged by the French Revolution and the American Revolution.

What was the French response to the American Revolution?

They helped the American revolutionaries then had a revolution of heir own.

What three revolutions were great political events of the western world?

The American, French and Russian Revolutions.

Which British philosopher became an ardent supporter of the American and French Revolutionaries?


Why did Bolívar admire the American and French revolutions?

he admire the revolutions because the revolutions make him to have a dreamed to gain independent for his country...(maybe)

Who was the Frenchman who fought in both the French and American revolutions?


What Revolutions began the the Era Atlantic Revolutions?

The American revolution kicked it all off. The next to follow it was the Batavian, or the French if you only count the big three (American, French, Haitian).

Who is Marquis de Layfette?

He was a French Officer and a hero of both the American and French Revolutions.

What events inspired independence movements in latin America?

Both the French Revolutions and the American Revolutions inspired this act. The Revolutions mostly inspired the Latin Americans to gain independence as both the revolutions are an act of independence.

Hiw was simon bolivar influenced by the american and french revolutions?

Simon Bolivar was influenced by the American and French revolutions in that he desired the constitutional freedoms that were contained in the American and French documents to become part of the lives of the people of his nation.

What are the similarities of the English french and American revolutions?

They are all 360 degrees