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Q: Which element of government does the Constitution give full sovereignty to?
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What clause allowed federal government to expand its power?

elastic clause

What system of government did the US Constitution set up?

Ben Franklin was asked by a woman "What type of government do we have?" as he left the ratification of the Constitution. His reply was "A Republic Ma'am ... if you can keep it!" Upon it's ratification, the Constitution of the United States of America established the United States as a Constitutional Republic. Despite popular belief and what many people may believe, the United States is not now and never was a Democracy.

Match the following A. Supremacy B. Full faith and credit clause C. Republican government clause?

A. Supremacy clause A. Constitution is the supreme law B.Full faith and credit clause B. States must cooperate C.Republican government clause C. Federal government will protect states

What are the differences between Republican and Fedrealist?

--Republicanism. A republican government is one "in which the scheme of representation takes place" (No. 10). It is based on the consent of the governed because power is delegated to a small number of citizens who are elected by the rest. --Federalism. In a federal republic, power is divided vertically between a general (federal) government and several state governments. Two levels of government, each supreme in its own sphere, can exercise powers separately and directly on the people. State governments can neither ignore nor contradict federal statutes that conform to the supreme law, the Constitution. This conception of federalism departed from traditional forms, known today as confederations, in which states retained full sovereignty over their internal affairs. This was during the making of the Constitution.

What did The Fourteenth Amendment Constitution established?

Full rights of citizens, regardless of color

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What document set up the first federal government in the United States?

The Articles of Confederation (full name: Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union), drafted in June 1776, allowed the States to retain the sovereignty in most areas. The federal government operated under the Articles of Confederation from 1777 until 1789, when it was replaced by the more comprehensive US Constitution.

Does the Constitution of the US include a full description of the role of the government in THE economic system?

The US constitution says very little about the role of the government in the economic system, and certainly does not include a full description of that role.

Example of sovereignty?

Sovereignty is supreme power or authority as in the authority of a state or government. An example would be a colony demanding full sovereignty.

What clause allowed federal government to expand its power?

elastic clause

Are the articles in the constitution the same as the articles in the Articles of Confederation?

No they are not the same. The Articles of Confederation didn't provide the power for the government to collect taxes, for example. No, they "were" not the same* *Different author from the first paragraph.

Individual 50 states lack which basic characteristic of the state?

The basic characteristic that individual 50 states lack is full sovereignty. While states have certain powers and responsibilities within their borders, they ultimately operate under the authority of the federal government.

What are the laws like in Fiji?

The Constitution of Fiji was abrogated in 2006. Currently there are decrees in place. A new constitution is on the way and will be complete in 2013. To read the full decress of Fiji visit the Government of Fiji website.

Does Brunei has a unitary government?

No, Brunei is a sovereign state and a constitutional sultanate. It is ruled by a Sultan who is the head of state with full executive authority under the constitution.

How did Canada's government change over time?

Canada's government has undergone various changes over time. Initially, it was a colony of European powers, starting with France and then transitioning to British rule. In 1867, Canada became a confederation with the passage of the British North America Act, establishing a federal system of government. Over the years, Canada gained more autonomy from Britain, and in 1982, the Constitution Act was passed, granting Canada full sovereignty and repatriating the constitution. Today, Canada is a parliamentary democracy with a constitutional monarchy.

What is the full name of the Constitution?


What was the document that popular sovereignty was first expressed in?

The Magna Charta (1215) was the first document to reduce the Divine Right of KIngs to make all decisions. This did not grant full sovereignty to the populace but it did put restrictions on the power of the KIng. It was a step in the direction toward popular sovereignty.

What are some similarities and differences of direct democracy and representative democracy?

1. Direct Democracy : Full citizen participation in government power / Assemble of all citizens holds sovereignty2. Both direct and Rep. Dem.: Majority Rule, Popular Sovereignty, citizens vote3. Rep. Dem. only: Sovereignty exercised by representatives, indirect representation though appt. by representatives