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John Locke is an enlightenment thinker who supported religious tolerance and freedom of expression.

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Q: Which enlightenment thinker supported religious toleration and freedom of thought?
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Which European leader carried out enlightenment reforms by permitting greater freedom of speech and religious toleration?

Catherine II of Russia.

Did most enlightenment thinkers support a powerful church?

I'm guessing that they supported religious freedom.

What document allowed religious freedom to all Christians in Maryland?

The Act for Religious Toleration

What document permitted religious freedom to all Christians in colonial Maryland?

religious toleration

Reason Rhode Island was founded?

As as experiment in religious freedom and toleration.

Was their religious freedom in the southern colonies?

yes their was religious toleration which put up with other religions

Which of Napoleon's reforms or innovations were in line with the main ideas of the Enlightenment?

Napoleon supported several ideas of the Enlightenment. First of all, he supported education, increasing educational oppurtunites for those in need of financial aid through scholarships and construction of schools. He even created some schools that offered primary education for girls. He also supported religious toleration with the Concordat of 1801 where he managed to maintain peace with the pope while still preserving religious toleration in France. He also granted toleration to Protestants, as well as encouraging Jews to assimilate into French society and promising them equal treatment if they agreed to serve France. He codified French laws, creating a reasonable Code that promised the Enlightnment ideals of individual freedom, religoius toleration, equality before the law. He also supported meritocracy instead of the Old Regime's emphasis on bloodline and wealth.

Who pass the Toleration Act which gave religious freedom to all christians?

The Dutch.

After Act of Toleration in 1649 Maryland provided religious freedom for all?


What was the 1649 Maryland law that granted catholics religious freedom?

Act of Toleration

What is the motivation for the founding of Rhode Island?

Religious freedom and toleration.

Which document allowed religious freedom to all Christians in the Maryland?

Toleration Act