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the department of state

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What governments are responsible for creating cities and countries?

the local government

What level of government is responsible for controlling trade between the U.S. and other countries?


What is the function of the World Bank on the international world market?

The World Bank Group is responsible for offering advice and arranging loans for over 100 developing countries. The World Bank managing the international market and keeps track of the financial movements of other countries.

What is it called when you go to poor countries to bring them food?

humanitarian aid

What is one of the United Nations' primary goals?

Answer this question... To prevent countries from going to war with one another

List and discuss the authorities responsible for macroeconomics policy formulation and implementation in nigeria?

There is only one authority responsible, and that applies to all countries. It is the government.

The activities of the State Department relate to which branch of government?

The State Department is part of the executive branch of government. They are responsible for executing the President's and the countries foreign policy and managing relations with other countries.

A government is responsible for?

A typical government is responsible for many things. As an example, the government of America is responsible for creating and enforcing laws, protecting and assisting citizens, making important decisions, keeping peace, and keeping judicial balance. In an international aspect, America is responsible for its position in world trade and stock, and war between itself and/or other countries. Also, it responsible for immigration issues.

What are the meaning of national government?

A national government is the government of an entire sovereign country. In small, centralized countries, it is typically the only level of government above city or municipal governments. Some countries have one or two intervening levels of government, responsible for states, provinces, prefectures or counties.

What did the air do?

the us air force protects the countries in air space and cyberspace. they also provide humanitarian assistance to countries.

Where does Medico provide its humanitarian services?

Since 1990 Medico has been providing humanitarian services in Central America. More specifically, they serve the countries of Nicaragua and the Honduras.

Should the US continue to aid countries?

Yes , for both humanitarian and political reasons .