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American ideology went from the once prudent course of action encouraged by the Founding Fathers in terms of involvement in international matters to an ideology that fostered the spread of freedom and democracy around the earth under the Progressive Woodrow Wilson administration.

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Q: Which factor self-interest or idealism was more important in driving American foreign policy in the years 1895-1920?
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the charactristiccs of idealism are 1. they give importance to ideas. 2. they thought the idea that comesfirst into the mind of a person that is reality.

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Robert moris Robert moris-The first order of the convention was to elect a president for the convention. Robert Morris of Pennsylvania nominated George Washington. Washington was elected convention president by a unanimous vote, just as he had been unanimously chosen to lead the Continental Army twelve years before. With George Washington unanimously elected, He accepted the honor reluctantly, protesting his lack of qualification. His opening remarks were addressed to the pride and idealism of the members: "Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair."

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Your question is very confusing. The political parties were NOT what they are now. In fact, the Republican/Democrat idealism thing was completely reversed back during post Colonial times. Plus the fact that John Locke was English, not American. Plus he was an English philosipher, not a politition.

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Without idealism, governments (worldwide) would become rote and legalistic. Through idealism, democracies can sponsor and craft new bills and laws designed to better the lives of the citizens. Without idealism and reaching beyond the confines of today, governments could keep the same laws and policies and never seek to change anything. John F. Kennedy, with idealism and passion, sought to bring further changes to US government and society. Some people believe he was killed because the changes he proposed scared some within the government.