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Mayflower Compact

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Q: Which federal document limits the power of the government while guaranteeing freedoms to the American people?
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What Written agreement guaranteeing privileges and freedoms?

We The People

What did the rewritten Japanese constitution guarantee?

guaranteeing voting rights for women; personal freedoms;

The rewritten Japanese Constitution guaranteed what?

guaranteeing voting rights for women; personal freedoms;

What freedoms are in government?

the freedoms of government is not the answer

What document set up us current government?

The United States Constitution was the document that established the Federal system of government. The US Constitution was, in its time, a revolutionary document that recognized the freedoms of its citizens. At the time of its ratification, most of the world's established countries did not have the freedoms the the US Constitution recognized.

What government did American colonies want in 1786?

They wanted a government free from tyranny and with more freedoms such as religious and a little voice in the government.

Which document addresses the freedoms and liberties that all American citizens should share equally?

declaration of independence

What document details the makeup of your government and the freedoms you enjoy?

The United States Constitution. Long may it breathe freedom to our world!And BEYOND!

How did the founding fathers contributions effect my family?

They set up a Constitution guaranteeing you personal freedoms and protection under the law.

New Jersey document promising freedoms: ____ and Agreement?


What are freedoms protected by a government's law?

Amendments are freedoms protected by law.

What document protects Canadian citizenship rights?

the name of the two key documents that contain our rights and freedoms