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Freedom Of Speech


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Q: Which freedom originally meant a person could openly criticize the government and not be punished for it?
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Do citizens have the right to criticize the government?

Yes we have the freedom of speech, and the freedom of the press.

True of false The bill of rights does not give a person the right to criticize a government official?

We have a freedom of speech in the US therefore we are free to criticize our government if we do not agree with them.

Can you criticize the government in South Africa?

Yes, you can criticise the government in South Africa as freedom of speech is protected by the Constitution.

What amendment lets the Americans disagree with the criticize government officials?

1st amendment ; Religious & Political freedom

Which amendment guarantees an american's right to criticize the us government?

The First Amendment. Because it guarantees freedom of speech, the First Amendment gives Americans the right to criticize any part of the American government.

In the US your legal right to edpress your political opinions to government officials is granted under the what amendment?

The first amendment gives you freedom of speech and freedom of the press which you can use to criticize the government.

Did the Tyranny Act make it illegal to criticize the government?

No that was the Sedition ActThe sedition acts made it illegal to publish anything negative about government and government officials. They still had freedom of speech. The act was repealed in 1801 anyway. So, we have never had a law to where it was illegal to criticize the government.

Why were the Alien and Sedition Acts unpopular with many people?

The Sedition Act was unpopular because it restricted the freedom to criticize the government.

What are the basic freedom outlined in the first amendment?

It allows citizens to criticize the government,in speech or in the press,without fear of punishment.

Why were Alien and Sedition acts unpopular with many people?

The Sedition Act was unpopular because it restricted the freedom to criticize the government.

What freedom allowed Athenians to criticize public officials?

freedom of speech

What are the basic freedoms of the First Amendment?

They are fundamental and spelled out or enumerated.Edited-guarantees freedom of religion-freedom of speech-freedom to press-assembly (the social act of assembling)"they demanded the right to assembly"-the right of people to petition the government (criticize the government)

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