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Freedom of speech

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Q: Which fundamental right is protected in this excerpt?
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Why is right to work fundamental to all?

right to work fundamental to all

What the right to do and say what you like?

t the right

Which fundamental right is called the protector of all the fundamental rights?

is it right to constitutional remedies??

Is right to property is a fundamental right?


What is the difference between a legal right and natural right?

A legal right is a right that is granted and protected by law, often enforced by the government. A natural right, on the other hand, is seen as a fundamental right that all individuals possess inherently, regardless of any laws. Natural rights are considered to be universal and inalienable.

What kind of services do government provide that people cannot for themselves?

The protection of one's fundamental human rights cannot be protected by his/her self but for the government.

Which is the most important fundamental right and why?

most important fundamental right is right to freedom because every one has right to do what one wants.

Name 2 fundamental freedoms protected by the Canadian Charters of rights and freedom?


What is a list of fundamental right?

Right to freedoms

Non citizens of India have Which fundamental right?

Non Citizens have the basic fundamental rights such as Article 14-Right to Equality and Article 21- Right to Life, the other fundamental right are only available to the citizens of India.

What is the most fundamental indivdual right?

According to most liberal political philosophers, the most fundamental individual right is the right to one's body.

Is right to getting medical treatment a fundamental right?