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The Pinkerton Detectives (may not be correct)

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Q: Which group commonly worked as strikebreakers for low wages?
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Who worked as strikebreakers for low wages?

Freed blacks usually worked as strikebreakers due to the fact that most people at the time hated being around or talking with them. These men were able to stop the disturbances faster.

What did Andrew Carnegie do to to keep his factory running during the homestead strike?

he decreased workers' hours. ... he raised workers' wages.

What are taxing wages?

Taxing wages would have to be wages that you have worked for and earned by providing services for an employer.

Who worked for no wages for transportation to the colonies?

Indentured servants

Can a Texas salaried nonexempt employee have wages deducted for hours not worked?

I have looked through the FLSA information and deducting wages for hours not worked as a salaried nonexempt employee in Texas, I can not find the answer.

What did Indentured sevents do?

They worked for no wages for years to pay for their transportation to the colonies.

Why did plantation owners defend slavery?

Slaves worked without wages, they did as they were told, and worked long hours in the cotton fields.

These people worked for no wages for years to pay for their transportation to the colonies?

Indentured servants

How did immigration affect people in the 1900s?

they brought new skils with them and worked for lower wages

What was William Shakespeare's wages?

Shakespeare may have worked for wages at some point in his life. If he did, we don't know what job he did, and certainly have no idea what his wage might have been.

What are the wages for a cotton picker?

Depends on the timeline you want to know about wages. In the south slaves worked the cotton and they don't earn a salary. They are considered property with no rights.

What was indentured servants wages?

Indentured servants were not paid wages, but they were provided with food & lodging. They were kept as slaves until they worked off whatever debt they incurred.

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