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Nathan Hale and Benedict Arnold

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Q: Which hero lost his life at the end of a British noose and the traitor that is reviled even today?
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What is the British perspective on George Washington?

He was a traitor. His own mother was a loyalist (loyal to the crown). He had no just reason for doing what he did, especially by today's ethical standard.

How is Vidkun Quisling of Norway called a traitor remembered today?

His name, Quisling, is sometimes used as a general name for 'traitor'.

What is a noose is it used today?

A noose is the slip knot in the end of a rope used in Capital Punishment. Yes, they still hang people in various parts of the world. Saddam Hussein was executed by this means in Iraq.

How did Benedict Arnold become famous in the US?

He was considered a hero at battles in Saratoga, New York and Quebec, but he is remembered today as the greatest American traitor of the Revolutionary War. He conspired to permit a British takeover of the fort at West Point. He escaped to Canada and spent the remainder of the war as an officer in the British Army.

What is the equivalent of a 1900 British Pound today?

A British Pound in 1900 has the purchasing power of about £72 GBP today.

How is benidect Arnold rememered today?

Benedict Arnold in the United States is known as the biggest traitor in the American Revolution to the Continental Army because he was not "respected" the way he wanted to be so he joined the British in 1780. At the end of the war he was not given what he was promised he is believed to die poor but no one really knows.

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1 british pound in 1973 is worth what today?

A british pound today is worth a pound!

Can India be conquered by the British today?


How British is India today?


What is the meaning of trator?

First of all , you have mispelled the word. It shold be 'traitor'. A traitor is a person who gives/sells his countries secrets to another ( usually enemy ) power. Historically they were executed ( put to death). However, today in the western world , they are usually imprisoned.

What could you buy with a british half penny in 1775?

A British Pound in 1875 had the purchasing power of about £62.80 GBP today.