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Q: Which idea did the founding fathers use the most in establishin your rights?
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What are the informal amendments a result of?

The constitutional change that deals with the use of the electoral college as a rubber stamp for the popular vote was a result of party practices. The founding fathers were against this idea.

Author of natural rights?

John Locke wrote Two Treatises of Government, and believed that governments get their power from the consent of the governed. It was a turn away from the Divine Right Theory, and inspired the founding fathers.

Why did the writers of the Constitution use general terms instead of being extremely specific about all details of government?

Because our founding fathers had no idea how the future would be, they decided to mage the rights and freedoms more general, rather than to specify items. You must also take in consideration the time they wrote it and the political views and parties that were involved during that time.

How is the balance of powers similar to the checks and balances?

The balance of powers refers to the separation of powers, and the idea of ambition-limiting-ambition outlined by the founding fathers in the constitution. This is one of many checks and balances, but not the only one, or the same thing...

How did the great awakening influence on the philosophy of government expressed in the declaration of independence?

The Great Awakening, a religious revival movement in the 18th century, had a significant influence on the philosophy of government expressed in the Declaration of Independence. It emphasized individual beliefs, personal convictions, and the idea of religious freedom, which aligned with the concept of individual rights and liberty expressed in the Declaration. The Great Awakening helped shape the idea that governments should respect these individual rights and that people have the right to overthrow a government that infringes upon them, as stated in the Declaration of Independence.

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What main idea of founding fathers what is the main idea of founding father?

the consitution

Why are founding fathers called fathers?

A "father" is like a leader of a group or idea.

How did the ideas of Montesquieu and Locke influence the Founding Fathers?

John Locke influenced the constitution by a lot of hid ideas. They (his ideas) were widely accepted by the founding fathers. He influenced our Bill of Rights because he said the government should protect your rights. The electing our president and other officials was his idea of consent of the governed. He also had the idea for limited government which was how our government started out.

What are some of the basic beliefs of the delaration of independence?

The Declaration of Independence was written to describe "inalienable rights". These are rights the founding fathers believed are given to people by god--rights that can not be taken away. The idea is that government is created to protect these rights.

Who said it was okay to veto?

The founding fathers created the idea of the veto.

What are ''inalienable rights'' which document can they be found in?

The unalienable rights are mentioned in the Declaration of Independence. These rights include the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. The founding fathers took this idea from John Locke, but changed one of them. Locke's original natural rights were to Life, Liberty, and Property.

Who came up with the idea of independence?

The founding fathers came up with the idea of independence. They adopted the idea from the French people during the French Revolution,

How were the founding fathers chosen?

they were the group of representatives sent to the second continental congress where they had the idea of writing the declaration of independence.

The founding fathers got what idea from Rousseau?

The American Revolution, his political philosophy influenced the French Revolution, as well.

Describe how the idea of individual rights evolved in England and its American colonies?

Originally starting as a pursuit of religious liberties, the idea of individual rights grew from that point. When the founding fathers came to the American colonies, it was to escape rigid religious laws and practices that they deemed unnatural. As they grew, respect for religious beliefs and personal choice was strong.

Why might the idea of the US becoming a colonial power have offended the nations founding fathers?

because the us wanted monry

What was the 3 fifths compromise and why was it included in the constitution?

well i don't really know i just know that this was the Founding Fathers' "brilliant idea"