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The political campaign has control over a few things. Some main thing they had control over parties.

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Paid media

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Q: Which information source do political campaigns have comlete control over?
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What is a limit on the power of congress to regulate the financing of political campaigns?

It cannot control how candidates spend a subsidy.

What country's birth control campaigns failed in the 70's?


What is a word beginning with p for political control?

Power results in political control.

Do campaigns have complete control over the free media?

No. But they do over paid media.

What is the main goal of a political party?

What is a political party's main purpose? A political party's purpose is to gain majority party control of the government by nominating candidates for office, coordinating campaigns, providing cues for voters, articulating policies, and coordinating policy-making.

How do political parties control elections?

Political parties can control elections through various means such as gerrymandering districts to favor their candidates, using specific messaging and propaganda to influence voters, mobilizing their supporters to turn out to vote, and leveraging financial resources to fund campaigns and advertisements. Additionally, parties often work to recruit and support candidates who align with their ideologies and priorities to increase their chances of winning elections.

What is the main source of campaign funds?

The main source of money for political campaigns has been public money and money from interest groups. This has changed since the Supreme Court ruled that corporations are "human" and have rights. The end result has been that huge amounts of money is now flowing into campaigns from very rich men who own and run very rich corporations. Unless this is stopped the .01% will control the political power and policies of the country.

How did Alexander's dad prepare him for kingship?

He gave him control of Macedonia when he himself was away on campaigns.

How do political parties relate to today?

They are in control of the political process.

What law allowed southernes to regain political control of the south?

What law allowed southerms to regain political control of the south

French Revolution political party?

It was not a political party, but the Jacobins took control.

Who has control of the Amazon River?

If the question is about political control, then the Brazilian government is the responsible.