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A conference committee

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Q: Which is a joint committee a select committee a conference committee a standing committee or a committee of the whole?
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What are the types of committees found in congress?

Four types of committees in Congress are: 1. Standing Committees- permanent, public policy 2. Joint Committees- both Senate/House members 3. Select Committees- temporary, specific purpose 4. Conference Committees- joint/select, reconcile differences between House/Senate versions of proposed bills.

What are the three types of committee?

The three types of congressional committees are standing committee, joint committee, and select committee.

What is the difference between a standing committee and a select committee?

Joint Committees are set up to expedite business between the houses and to help focus public attention on major matters, such as the economy, taxation, or scandals. They include members from both houses of Congress who conduct investigations or special studies.Conference committees are special joint committees that reconcile differences in bills passed by the House and Senate. A conference committee is made up of those members from the House and Senate that originally considered the bill.So the answer is: C. joint committees perform investigative or house keeping duties; conference committees iron out differences in bills from both houses.

What type of committee includes members from both houses to work out differences in purposed bills?

conference committee conference committee

Is a joint committee a standing committee?


What are three examples of a standing committee?

An example of a joint committee is: Say if the Transportation committee wants a new road the taxes committee will have to work with the Transportation committee to make sure that the new road will be in the budget. That will make the two houses have to join up and work together. Which makes a joint committee. And Yeah. Hope this works for you.

Is a select committee a joint committee?


What kind of committee includes members from both houses of congress?

You would call it a Joint Committee....

What is the four types of Congressional Committees?

House standing committees Joint committees of congress && Senate standing committees

When does a bill first go to a standing committee?

when does a bill first go to a standing committee

How is a conference committee between House and Senate different than a joint committee?

A conference committee is called to resolve specific differences. If you look for answers, submit some too.

When was United States Congress Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction created?

United States Congress Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction was created in 2011.