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a statement of rights

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Q: Which is not a characteristic of a state?
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Which characteristic of a state did the English colonies not possess?

There are a number of characteristic of a state that the English colonies did not possess. The main aspect that they lacked was sovereignty.

Is a characteristic a boiling point?

A characteristic for the boiling point is that the substance start changing state.

What characteristics of a state do the 50 states lack?

There is one main characteristic of a state that the 50 states lack. That characteristic is sovereignty, which would make them completely independent.

Which one characteristic does the individual state lack?

A country.

What was The Defining characteristics of the spartan city -state?

What was the defining characteristic of the Spartan city-state? A: Military state

The ability to conduct electricity in the solid state is a characteristic of metallic bonding This characteristic is best explained by the presence of?

mobile electrons

What is a basic characteristic of a nation state?

It's an independent country.

Name a physical characteristic of new york state?

The Finger Lakes.

A characteristic of matter that is obtained by changing the state of matter?

i think it is a solid

What is a characteristic that all state constitutions have in common?

Include a Bill of Rights.

What are items is a defining characteristic of a nation-state?

It has a defined territory

What is bloodiness?

Bloodiness is the state or characteristic of being blood or filled with blood.