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Q: Which is not one of the rules that govern redistricting?
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What is the difference between redistricting and gerrymandering?

gerrymandering is redistricting to where one political party has an advantage over the other, while normal redistricting is just remapping districts.

The rules and procedures that govern the legislative process?

The process that the legislature uses to govern making rules is known as rule making. Generally, it follows parliamentary rules.

What are the rules that govern what may be intoduced in court?

The Rules of Evidence.

What is state policy?

the rules that govern a state

What are the landmark us supreme court cases on redistricting?

Baker v. Carr (redistricting is a justiciable issue) Westbury v. Sanders (one man, one vote) Shaw v. Reno (race can't be only consideration in redistricting)

How do the rules help scientists understand the world?

Rules govern how the world behaves. X4

What are the features of postulates in accounting?

it is govern by rules and regulations

Why is redistricting done and who does it benefit?

Redistricting is done to keep the counties and areas even. This helps everyone because it ensures that one area does not overpower the rest.

What are the rules that govern network communications?

The rule of information exchange

What are the rules governing abstinence?

The rules that govern abstinence in the Catholic church also govern fasting. These rules are called the Code of Canon Law for Roman Catholic churches and the Code of Canons of Oriental Churches for Eastern Catholic churches.

What are the rules for constructing a program?

There are no rules that govern the construction of a program, other than those defined by the programming language we choose to use, which will naturally vary from one language to another.

The process of setting up new congressional districts after reapportionment is called?

redistricting. It involves redrawing boundaries for electoral districts to ensure equal representation based on population changes.