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free and open election

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Q: Which is the most essential feature of democratic government is a bicameral legislature or free and open election process or a written constitution or separate branches of government?
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What document established the three branches of government and the bicameral legislature?

U.S Constitution

The constitution provides for representation by what legislature?

Bicameral Legislature...novadouche

Under the US Constitution is the legeslative branch unicameralbicameral or tricameral?

False, it set up a bicameral legislature.

What type of legislature did the constitution establish?


What a bicameral legislature is?

A bicameral legislature is a type of representative institution found in a democratic regime where there are two houses for legislative decision-making.

What kind of legislature in the constitution provides for representation?

A bicameral,two-house,legislature.

What type of government system does hawaii have?

Government in Hawaii is similar to other U.S. states but also has several differences. The state constitution was modeled from the constitution of the Kingdom of Hawaii, modified to not conflict with the U.S. Constitution.

What form of Government is in Vermont?

It is a bicameral legislature.

What was an outcome the Great Compromise in the US constitution?

A bicameral legislature

What was an outcome in the great compromise in the US constitution?

A bicameral legislature

Which was an outcome of the great compromise in the U.S constitution?

A bicameral legislature

Which was the outcome of the great compromise in the U.S. constitution?

A bicameral legislature